About Mikado

Mikaël Barelaud Eludut, know by artistic name Mikado is a French Graphic-Designer, Artistic Director and Visual Artist based in Monaco.

He left Monaco at the age of 20 to study Graphic Design in Dallas, TX. After graduation he came back to Monaco and became a Senior Graphic Designer for a multinational company based in Monaco.

In parallel he shares his artworks on his Instagram account @Mikadololo and reached the attention of several brands. He was able to collaborate with brands such as Moncler, the Guggenheim Museum of NY, H&MJust An Idea (Sarah Andeleman's design office), in 2020 he became an external consultant for Puma, and in 2021 he started to work with Nike Europe.

Mikado has a taste for collaboration, he loves to create imaginary collaboration and plays with brands DNA to mix them and create something new.

Mikado is inspired by the luxury brands that he sees from his very young age in his daily life in Monaco Monte-Carlo. As a graphic designer he always loved the aesthetic of luxury brands logos and patterns, and as a visual artist he transforms, plays and repurposes these logos and patterns in order to create unique pieces of art.